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So I was bored...

Red and Black for my Rocky Horror Picture show shirt

More red and black

Me and my paleness

Blue and Pink

More blue and pink

Make-up time = fin
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yay im so gald ur posting!
may i suggest something...
wen ur putting ur eyeshadow on...try putting in on wet(get brush wet)
and if u do put it on wet then what u need to do is pack it on...dont be afraid of packing it on ...
ur applying it beautifuly its just really light...
and i LOVE roccy horror picture show...MY FAV MOVIE!
i could watch it a kazilling times over and over again haha
thank you so much for your suggestions =)
yes the wet eyeshadow spongey thing works like woah. i always do that when i apply eyeshadow. dont get it like..soaked. what i do is wet it, the nwith my fingers sqeeze the spongey thing a little bit...not alot but a wee pinch to rid of excess water then dip in shadow and wahlah! intense color. and yes lets see it darker! post more! youre a hottie!

You and your impecable makeup skills.